Resultaten vergelijkend onderzoek drie laptopscholen

Werken met laptopklassen: een multiple case study op drie Nederlandse middelbare scholen

Masterscriptie Onderwijskunde Universiteit van Amsterdam

Door T.G.Poorthuis 
Begeleider: Dr. E. J. Kuiper Amsterdam, augustus 2012


For this thesis a study has been done involving three secondary schools who work with laptop classes. Starting point of this thesis is a literature study on the factors that affect the implementation of laptop classes. The study focused on the opinions of the teachers regarding these factors, the vision that schoolmanagement has on the laptop classes and in what way they support the teachers that work with laptop classes. In general the teachers had a constructivist view on education. They were positive about the use of computers in education, thought they were competent in working with the laptops and thought that the laptops influenced their teaching in a positive way. Regarding the influence the laptop has on students behavior and the role of schoolmanagement in supporting the teachers opinions varies more among the teachers of all three schools. For some of these factors the difference in teachers answers varies significantly. The teachers from school 2 are more positive about their own abilities to work with laptops, and the teachers of school 3 have a more constructivist view on education and are more positive about the role the computer can have and about the role of schoolmanagement.

Schoolmanagement implement the laptop classes mainly because they believe that they have to keep up with the younger generation and thinks that laptop classes may help to better educate the individual student. Working with laptops can make education more efficient, makes it easier to address to the students individual needs and can help the students to be more creative. Schoolmanagement offers courses for teachers to become more competent in working with laptops. They do that by organizing training days but also by pointing out expert teachers that have to make other teachers more excited and competent for the laptop program.

This thesis may offer key points for future research on laptop classes and can be used as an advice document for schools who intend to work with laptop classes.

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