Better learning, the ultimate target for modern schools. Erling Grønlund. Keynote speaker MacScholenDag

Erling Grønlund

Better learning, the ultimate target for modern schools


A few words about me (introduction)
Erling , father of 2 (boy 15, girl 12). When students hear what I have been doing in life they go all silent for some seconds, then questions never stop until the bell call them to a brake. They love all those stories put in between to exemplify learning. Relevance is a keyword I strongly believe in.
Among other: Teaching in Preschool (1 year) primary and secondary school (approx 2 years). Broad experience from media: advertising, Internet solutions, sales manager in largest paper (Aftenposten). Later, design and development of ICT systems for schools. At time being funder of RIKT (Resource for ICT). Since early spring 2011 RIKT has had implementation of iPad in schools as primary target. At moment engaged in 2 ongoing projects and lots of events.